You are invited to join us - we hold several meetings during the week, where people from all over the world participate and are blessed with testimonies following.

Mondays @ 6.30pm - 8.30pm (ONLINE)
Start your week with us as we gather for our
​​​​​​​teaching and prayer session. 

Fridays @ 11.59pm - 4am Saturday (ONLINE)
Join us every Friday night as we pray and get instructions from GOD.


Weekdays @ 4am - 6am (ONLINE)
We rise up at 4am every weekday (Monday - Friday) to pray and prophesy the word of GOD into the day.



Weekdays @ 12.30pm - 1.30pm (ONLINE)
Join us at the Lunch Hour Prayer every weekday (Monday - Friday) as we pray the word of GOD over our businesses and careers.

Thursdays @ 8.30pm - 9.15pm (ONLINE)
Vintage Woman is a powerful prayer and exhortation session where women pray, prophesy and declare God’s promises over their lives.




Wednesdays @ 9am - 10am (ONLINE)
In this meeting, we pray together, share and discuss topics which include fruitfulness, conception, intimacy,  and godly parenting. 


Saturdays @ 9am - 10am (ONLINE)
Moving Forward is a judgment-free zone, where men can be real. In this meeting, men are free to discuss and pray about real life and real issues. Always expect results!



Thursdays @ 7pm - 8.15pm (ONLINE)
Do you have questions about certain scriptures in the Bible? Theological or otherwise? Come and dig into the scriptures with us as we unravel, by revelation, the truth in the Word of GOD.



Fridays, 6pm - 7pm
​​​​​​​WAT (ONLINE)

Singles - men, women, never-been-married, widowed, divorced. Join us on this journey of knowing who we are in Christ and this stage of life.

Sundays, 1.30pm

Our goal in 'Rooted' is to ensure our children grow up rooted and grounded in the love of GOD, and this applies to all areas of their lives.